I have loved photography ever since I was a little girl. I was inspired by my dad who was an amateur photographer; he made me pose for the camera nearly all of the time. He gave me my first camera when I was 7, a 35mm Olympus. Since then I started to take photography more seriously and completed a Bachelor with Honours Degree in Visual Communication where I explored the art of photography and film making.

Now, I work full time as a photography teacher in a school, working with vulnerable young adults who suffer from anxiety and depression. This is part of my dream, to share the passion of photography with others and to help people to overcome feelings of self doubt. Teaching photography is a form of therapy for both my students and for me!

With all of that, I have learned to become patient, understanding and reliable. Especially when it comes to expressing my vision through the eye of the camera and working with people. It is a blessing to be invited to capture a special event such as a wedding and I truly love every minute of it. I have worked hard towards gaining knowledge and experience so that I can be a confident & creative photographer with my own sense of style and adaptability.