Mr & Mrs Howes' Whimsical Wedding at Blackwell Grange, The Cotswolds.

Leigh & Daz become Mr & Mrs Howes

Date of Wedding: 02.08.19

Wedding Venue: Blackwell Grange 

The proposal: We’d met at night school at the tender age of 15 & 16, we’d already been together for 9 years he’d finally decided he’d better pop the question so he’d made a film of all the places we’d been so where we met (high school) our first date (Odeon cinema) and had drop cards finally the last card read “will you marry me” he was then knelt behind me on one knee because bless him he’d played this proposal video at the cinema in front of everyone it was so very sweet.


Our vision for the wedding:


Why did you choose your venue?

We choose Blackwell as we felt it had everything rolled into one.

And what did you love about the look/feel of it?

We loved the surroundings- I mean the Cotswolds are beautiful but to be surrounded by it and feel you’re in a bubble with those you love most is so precious, I also loved the fact it had a seating area at the top exclusive to steal a few moments to let it all sink in while relaxing on the couches.

What was the theme/look of your day?

Whimsical so lots of candle light heaps of greenery truly brining the outdoors inside. We chose this as it seems timeless I really didn’t want to look back in years to come and regret our colour choice.

What decorations did you have?

We hardly had and decorations we just kept it floral mainly foliage to really drum in that garden inside feeling. 

What colours did you choose, and why?

We chose whites and greens for flowers this was again to keep the wedding clean and timeless looking, the bridesmaids were in a mauve colour, and the grooms men were in navy it sounds quite a lot of colour but it all tied in beautifully. 

What was the atmosphere you were hoping to create?

Fun free and laidback, we wanted the day to flow naturally.


Our Style:


Tell us about your outfits – Who is the designer? Where is it from? Why do you love it? How did you find it? Describe it.

My dress was Enzoni; I brought it from a local bridal boutique it’s situated in quaint little village. Daz wore a designer named Master Debonair who’s based in Newcastle and London so quite a travel but we feel totally worth it. 

What jewellery/accessories and shoes did you wear? Who designed them? 

I didn’t wear any jewellery, my hair piece was borrowed from my sister from her wedding and my shoes were Manolo Blahnik in yes you guessed it - royal blue.

What did the bridesmaids/groomsmen wear, and did they have any accessories?

The bridesmaids wore misguided and the groomsmen were in Master Debonair. 


Our Favourite Moment

What was your favourite moment of the day?

100% having my beautiful son walk me down the aisle he was petrified bless him but he made me so very proud. 

Were there any stand out moments or comedy errors that happened throughout the day?

The standout has to be the magician; he really took everyone by surprise as we hadn’t told anyone we’d hired one, so he was a welcome guest. 

Were there any little surprises on the day?

Just how surreal it all feels you feel like you’re floating on air and you’re about to wake up at any moment.


Our Advice:


What advice/tips would you give to other couples getting married and still planning their big day?

Hire a videographer if your budget allows! They’re worth their weight in gold I can’t wait to have the full video back. I know he’d of caught moments we would have otherwise missed. 

Do you have any wedding regrets or would you have done anything differently?

Oh wow erm no I can safely say it went perfectly. 


Highlight photographs of the day:

The highlights film by Through The Lens MM:

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